A Master Contemporary Artist

“As a kid in the rural Eastern Cape, I made clay figures of bulls and cows on the muddy banks of a nearby river.
This kick-started my creativity.
I take inspiration from anything that catches my eye. It might be something organic, or the shape of a building.”

Chuma Maweni

From childhood curiosity to an inspiring career, Chuma Maweni’s dark, porous works and striking silhouettes define him as a distinct contemporary artist. Based in a studio within the Port of Cape Town, he effortlessly crafts ceramic vessels and furniture with unmatched elegance. His mastery in hand-thrown ceramics, adorned with unique patterned incisions, sets him apart.

Recognized for his talent, Chuma was featured in the prestigious “A New Wave” exhibition by Southern Guild, propelling him to international acclaim. His artistry has graced Christie’s Design Auction, the Salon Art + Design in New York, and Design Miami.

Chuma’s collection of serving bowls, platters, mugs, and teapots – where everyday occasions will unite artistry and sophistication, can be found in store.

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